This is what the payroll process looks like

Do you want to outsource your company’s payroll management? This is what it looks like when we at Klara Consulting handle your payroll.

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We start the payroll process together

We make a division of responsibilities and an annual plan with all important dates related to payroll management. The planning determines, among other things, when the payroll data is submitted and when the preliminary payroll list is sent out and approved.

Your employees regularly report their time in the pre-system used. It can be the system you used before the outsourcing, or a new one that we implemented together.

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A payroll month with Klara Consulting in 7 steps



Has there been any changes since last month? All personnel changes such as changed employment contracts, terminated employees and the like are uploaded to our customer portal by the payroll manager at your company.


Ongoing reporting

Payroll events such as time, deviations, absences, travel and expenses are reported in an easily accessible pre-system via the web or an app in the phone. Benefits, bonuses and other events that the employees do not report directly in the pre-system, the payroll manager uploads documentation for in the customer portal.



The work in the pre-system is complete and ready to be checked. You can easily approve in the pre-system where you have a clear interface to work from and an overview of time, sick leave, overtime, vacation days, expenses, travel and any coding. If something is wrong, there is a function to ask employees to correct their documentation.


We verify before payroll run

Prior to the payroll run, Klara Consulting verifies all salaries based on our checklists. We work in accordance with SALK and are certified by Srf and ensure, for example, that the documents are submitted correctly by authorized staff, that everything is handled according to union agreements or other agreements and arrangements, that documents such as leave applications are considered and we check unreasonable values.


You verify before payroll run

After our control, we send a preliminary payroll for your approval, where all payroll calculation data is set up per employee. You now have the opportunity to review the material and double-check. If any addition or change is made at this stage, a new payroll will be sent out for approval.


Payment of salaries

When the payroll is approved, payroll files are created and sent to the bank for payment of salaries. They are sent either from your payroll manager or from us via a mandate, depending on what you and your bank prefer. At the same time, the employees receive their wage slip, which you, together with us, decide how it should be sent out. It can be published in the pre-system, in the app, via digital mailbox (Kivra) or as a combination.



When the payroll work is done, we produce the reports we have agreed on in your report package as well as any special reports.

We streamline your payroll management

Do you need help to streamline your payroll management? We are happy to help you by reviewing systems, routines and processes and suggesting improvements that streamline and facilitate payroll management for you.

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Do you want to get started with payroll outsourcing?

This is us

Klara Consulting is a multi-award winning group that supports small, medium-sized and growing companies with their financial processes. With around 160 employees and over 1000 customers, our goal is to attract, develop and retain the greatest talent in the industry. Together, we create unique offers for customers and employees in digitalization and financial management. Welcome to a modern and dynamic full-service supplier of financial services.





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