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Advice and support in HR issues

We help you in your HR processes, provide guidance on labour law and assist in developing HR policies and guidelines.

Compensation survey

Get access to smart systems for compensation surveys with documentation. Our experienced consultants are with you throughout the process.

KPIs for HR

Work strategically and precisely with HR KPIs. We help you define, measure, follow up on and analyze key performance indicators within HR.

Payroll audit

Ensure a good process with tools that support different types of payroll audits. We can also help you with payroll analysis and compensation surveys.

Compensation survey

The compensation survey is a tool for securing equal pay. Discover, remedy and prevent unreasonable and unjustified wage differences with a compensation survey. A compensation survey is conducted every year and employers with ten or more employees must document the process. We assist you with consulting and system support.

KPIs for HR

Measuring, following up on and analyzing key performance indicators within HR is an important part of the strategic HR work. With HR KPIs, you can identify the organization’s strengths and provide management with better prerequisites to steer the organization in the right direction. You also get an indication of the company’s well-being and development — one of the most important KPIs for a company. Get a visual overview with our dashboards and make comparisons with other companies in the same industry. Are you having a hard time getting started? We are happy to help you.

Payroll audit

Payroll audits can be time-consuming, as a lot of information must be compiled from various sources and systems. In addition, it is often done manually. By digitizing your payroll audit, you have the opportunity to automate unnecessary steps, save time and increase quality in all parts of the process. We can help our payroll customers to streamline payroll auditing with various digital tools, and we can handle several different types of payroll audits — from traditional payroll audits with general salary increases in kronor and/or percentages, to payroll audits with assessment of any number of variables, which in later steps give a raise in percent or amount.

This is us

Klara Consulting is a multi-award winning group that supports small, medium-sized and growing companies with their financial processes. With around 160 employees and over 1000 customers, our goal is to attract, develop and retain the greatest talent in the industry. Together, we create unique offers for customers and employees in digitalization and financial management. Welcome to a modern and dynamic full-service supplier of financial services.





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