Safe audits with authorized public accountants

Independent audits that provide security and reduce risks.


How we might help you

Authorized public accountants

With us, you get independent auditing by authorized public accountants with quality-assured skills through FAR.

Combined services

We offer efficient combined auditing and accounting services, where you as a customer save both time and money.

Advisory services — safe decisions

With us, you get advisory and auditing services that help you make safe business decisions.

More time for your business

We work with modern and digital systems that make assignments more efficient.

Get help with your audit and make smarter and better business decisions

Any of you who run a business know that both wishful thinking and nightmares can come to you at night. An independent audit helps you better understand your company’s real conditions and can reduce risks. You become more confident in your decision-making, and it also make banks, subcontractors and other stakeholders feel more secure. We work with small and large companies in many different industries and, in particular, with real estate and service companies. Our customers appreciate our ambition to truly understand their business. Thanks to insights from the audit process, we gain a good understanding of our customers’ circumstances and can, along with our expert knowledge, provide advice that adds real value.

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The audit process


Planning with the auditor

Both the company and the auditor should be involved in the planning of the assignment. We have a planning meeting to determine the focus and scope of the audit, as well as time and other factors for the audit.


Ongoing audit

After the planning, our authorized public auditors carry out the audit, where they independently audit your company’s accounting records and bookkeeping.


Audit of the financial statements

After completing the audit of the financial statements, we have a meeting that aims to highlight the comments, observations and recommendations that the auditors have after auditing the company’s financial statements.


Audit of annual report

Before submitting the auditor’s report, the company is notified of our conclusion of this year’s audit.

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An independent audit provides security and reduces risks. Our customers appreciate our ambition to truly understand their business and the advice it can bring.

Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)

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Klara Consulting is a multi-award winning group that supports small, medium-sized and growing companies with their financial processes. With around 160 employees and over 1000 customers, our goal is to attract, develop and retain the greatest talent in the industry. Together, we create unique offers for customers and employees in digitalization and financial management. Welcome to a modern and dynamic full-service supplier of financial services.





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