We can help your company grow

As accountants and financial advisors, we see how everything is connected in an organization. We work with small, medium-sized and growing companies that need support with their financial processes. Together, we are laying the groundwork for your future growth.

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Our vision

With a proactive and results-oriented approach and powerful digital tools, we help companies with everything regarding their finances. We want to work closely with our customers’ operations and give them skills and solutions that can not be obtained in any other way. We want to give you what we call financial clarity. This means that you know everything is done correctly and on time, but that you also get the information you need to make wise decisions. By deeply understanding our customers’ priorities, strengths and conditions, we help build strong companies.

Klara Consulting’s Manifesto

We deliver effective financial services that create business benefits through long-term work, in close relationship with colleagues and customers. Our competence and drive provide the important insights and the quick decision-making data that our customers need to continue to grow. We call it financial clarity — a security and an innovative force.

Five pillars

Natural choice for the industry’s best employees.
Active and proactive business acumen based on listening and delivering on the customer’s needs.
World-class customer offering through best of breed strategy, where the market’s best systems are adapted to the customer’s needs.
Comprehensive offer by supplementing nearby services.
Continued organic and acquired growth.

About Klara Consulting

Klara Consulting is a multi-award winning group that supports small, medium-sized and growing companies with their financial processes. With around 350 employees and over 1000 customers, our goal is to attract, develop and retain the greatest talent in the industry. Together, we create unique offers for customers and employees in digitalization and financial management. Welcome to a modern and dynamic full-service supplier of financial services.

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Words from our CEO

“Klara Consulting is a new group, with experience spanning almost 25 years. From being separate smaller companies, we can now use the power of being a major player, while protecting our main strengths from before: the close and personal collaboration with our customers, the continuity in our teams and the world’s best employees.”
– Magnus Ramfelt, The CEO of Klara Consulting

– Magnus Ramfelt, The CEO of Klara Consulting

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Working at Klara Consulting

Our culture is based on trust, knowledge and joy, which runs through our offices and our customer relations. As soon as you come through our doors, you should feel welcome. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain the greatest talent in the industry. Together, we can grow even stronger.

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